Tell the FDA that you deserve to know if the meat you are about to buy is cloned  


Petition To Label Cloned Meat


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On December 28,2006, the FDA announced that cloned meat and milk from cattle, swine, and goat clones are as safe to eat as meat and milk from noncloned animals.

Currently there is a voluntary ban on the sale of cloned meat and dairy until the public has commented. The FDA is allowing a 90 day comment period. This petition is an easy way for you to comment that you want all cloned meat and dairy products to be labeled as such.

It is possible that cloned meat and dairy products will be on your grocery store shelf and there will be no way for you to tell if the meat you are about to buy is natural or cloned.

Whether you are concerned about the safety of eating cloned meat, or if you are politically against cloning itself, sign this petition to show the FDA that if cloned food products are allowed, that you want them labeled as such.

It only take a few seconds, and will help the FDA understand that the public wants cloned meat and dairy labeled.


We, the undersigned, petition the Federal Drug Association of the United States of America as follows: To require that all meat, dairy or other food products derived from a cloned animal or a cloned animals offspring be labeled so that US consumers can easily idenitfy these food products.


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